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Kids giddy with goofy excitement listen intently to your surf coach’s simple instructions. Slightly anxious, you film the on-land lesson and then whoop with almost-as-much-glee as the newest surfers when your kids pop-up and ride a wave to shore. Afternoon nap or a lazy, recharging lunch and then off to zip-lining, horseback riding, or maybe a waterfall hike. The masseur arrives for today’s lomi-lomi massage, loosening and releasing any last remnants of mainland stress. Fresh fish seared on the gas grill, with local greens from the farmer’s market, devoured between bursts of silly laughter and recalling the day’s favorite antics. Maybe a board game, or a movie on the big screen TV, in your comfortable, cushy living room. There are no arguments as all fall early into bed with dreams of tomorrow’s next page in your unforgettable, best-ever family vacation.

Escorted by dolphins through the sunrise-mirrored ocean, you slowly glance up. The massive thousand-foot sea cliffs calm your stomach and ignite your mind. As the boat driver circles in toward the beach, you jump overboard, catch up with your bagged backpack, and swim through four-foot shore-pound to the sand. After a quick rinse in the waterfall seemingly placed for your specific needs, you stick on a few pre-emptive bandaids, lace up your hiking shoes, and set off on the captivating and challenging 11.6 mile Kalalau Trail. The slushy coco water, opened just after crossing “crawler’s ledge”, becomes your newest favorite liquid ever ingested. Maybe tomorrow you’ll scuba dive with sharks, surf some world-class waves, jump off a lava cliff into swell surge, spend hours fighting a 200 lb Ahi. Or, maybe you’ll do something really thrilling?

Allow the pounding waves, you see, hear and feel through your floor-to-ceiling windows, grant you a much-needed night’s rest. Awaken to the smells of coffee and Plumeria. Dip into all the sensations your urban-self can handle. Glancing at today’s “schedule” – Yoga at 9:00, Team Strategy Meeing over sushi lunch, Surf Lesson at 4:00, and a Private-Chef 5-star Dinner (with the sunset and ocean providing the entertainment). Other team members choose private pilates sessions, guided hikes, snorkeling – in between group meetings or events. Orchestrated to perfection, with allowance for your and your team’s unhurried slide into “island-time.” With sun-kissed skin, blissfully-fatigued muscles, and clear minds, there may be a little resistance to going home (and back to work). Good news … you’ll return refreshed, rejuvenated, and inspired.


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“We’ve been to Kauai a half-dozen times, but this trip was an altogether different experience. From our first conversation with Lauren, we knew we’d found the person to really guide us to choose not only the best house and location, but to brainstorm with us about outings and activities that would be amazing, and age-appropriate for our two kids. We chose a property that was a short walk to the beach, but…”

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My anticipation, ripe as the bulbous breadfruit drooping through the leaf-ceilinged path, transports me down the trail to my favorite stretch of sand on the entire planet. Not ranked in the Top 10 Beaches by Condé Nast, not even on the radar of most Hawaii guidebooks, still, in my years of global travel to dozens of islands and even more country’s coastlines, this remains my personal favorite.

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Exclusive Properties in Kauai

Inside Kauai exclusively manages these unique homes on the north shore of Kauai. Each property was chosen and improved to meet our very high standards. We have access to all rental properties on the north shore and are able to quantify and qualify each home’s benefits (and negatives). Comparing properties, helping you to understand their differences, real costs (sometimes hidden), actual distance to the beach, noise issues, neighbors, and special bonuses, is our strength. Being familiar with each vacation home allows you insider information to support you in choosing the right home and setting for you, and your family, friends or team.

Steps to beach and town

Views of river and NaPali

Walk to the Bay

Hanalei Character

from $1,000.00 per night

Waioli Hale
from $525.00 per night

from $500.00 per night

Hanalei Surf Cottage


Insider Adventure

Private NaPali Coast Exploration

The light penetrates the crystal clear waters and reflects off the entrance channel’s white sandy bottom. The result is a staggering color palette like of a divine artist at play with electric blue lightning bolts blended into light blue, dark blue, and greens— all continuously changing, dancing, spellbinding. It must be seen to be fully appreciated, these colors from heaven that no mere mortal artist could ever replicate! The effect is hypnotizing, casting a kind of healing peaceful trance—so opposite to the stress of our daily lives. Even the boundaries of illuminated water seem surreal, where shadow and light blend into dark blue. Ocean swells, moving through the beam, give added life to this battle between contrastingly lighted waters—like the never ending battle between darkness and light. But the watery beam eventually fades into the dark blue textured water beyond, to finally disappear into the relaxing deep of the mystical sea. – submitted by Katie Twaddle


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